No parent can ever prepare for the death of a child…period.

When a child dies, a parent’s world is shattered. There are no words, no explanations, no information that can ever make sense out of a child dying before a parent.  This is a painful journey that no parent should have to face alone.

Many bereaved parents experience an outpouring of love immediately following a child’s death, only to then feel abandoned and alone following the memorial service and/or funeral.  It is common for even the best-intentioned friend or family member to unknowingly say the “wrong” thing or to slowly back away from a bereaved parent in order to avoid the painful emotions, but this only magnifies the pain a bereaved parent feels.  Regardless of the reason for the death, a part of a parent dies when a child dies…and just as a limb cannot regrow after being amputated, nothing can fill the void that exists once a child is no longer in a parent’s life.

If you have suffered the death of a child, please contact me to discuss how I might be of assistance to you in your journey towards healing.  While counseling cannot bring back your beloved child, it can help you to feel less alone in your pain.  I would be honored to walk this difficult journey with you so that…one day…you can breathe just a little easier once again.