The Prepare/Enrich program utilizes an online assessment tool to help both engaged and married couples of all backgrounds identify their strengths and areas of growth.  Whether you are preparing for marriage, newly married, remarried, married with children, or married and retired, Prepare/Enrich offers you the opportunity to improve in relationship satisfaction by increasing your understanding of each other and offering specific skills to address targeted areas of growth.

After completing the online assessment, couples meet with me to review their results and practice specific skills to improve/enhance their relationship.  Most couples attend anywhere from 4-8 follow-up sessions; however, as each couple’s needs and goals are different, we will tailor a program that fits you and your partner. Clients are able to participate in the Prepare/Enrich program as a skill-building program only, or they are welcome to combine it with traditional couples counseling for a more in-depth opportunity to enhance the relationship.

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To complete the online assessment prior to your initial session, click here.